Revitalizing Our Languages

Revitalizing Our Languages

Special guests from Aotearoa (New Zealand) will be sharing about the successes of their marau-akura (school curriculum). With over 7 years of data their programs are a proven model where their Maori students have a graduation rate of 98% and are fully fluent in their Maori language. Members of the Hei family will be sharing how they have overcome the impacts of colonization in order to create an education system that is based on their philosophies, langauge and identity.

Date: April 25th, 2018 (10:00am - 3:00pm)
Location: Antler Elementary School, 324 Chippewa Road, Muncy, Onatio.

3rd Biannual Elders' Gathering

3rd Biannual Elders' Gathering

FNMIEAO presents our 3rd biannual Elders' gathering. Learning on the land with Elders, Senators & Knowledge Holders. Be sure to save the date, registration will open soon.

Date: October 19 - 21st, 2018
Location: Cedar Glen YMCA - Just outside of Bolton, Ontario.

Note: Please check back soon for more event dates and additional information.

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