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In Our Words - Video Series

Produced by FNMIEAO in Association with Fresh Shift Productions
Funded by: Ministry of Education

The videos explore how the dispossession of land from Indigenous Peoples took place throughout what is now called Canada. These videos provide several perspectives through the personal narratives of Oneida and Anishinaabe Elders and recognized Knowledge Holders. It is important to note that these voices do not reflect all Indigenous Peoples. Communities throughout Ontario have been impacted in different ways throughout the process of colonization.

This first video series gives an overview and a focus on the history of southern Ontario. As we expand this video series FNMIEAO will include other voices and communities throughout Ontario.

We are currently working on creating a teacher companion guide to help educators explore these topics in greater detail. The guide will include links to curriculum as well as additional links to resources.

Contributors to the project:

Dabasaaniwqwat (Low Cloud) - Baagwaanish Giiziibii

Betty Lou Grawbarger - Garden River First Nation

Bomgiizhik - Nimkii Aazhibikong Anishinaabek

Waawaaskone Kechego - Aajijaak Dodem, Deshkan Ziibi

Teyehutyatahse - Nihatilutahkowa

Dave Mowatt - Mississaugas of Alderville First Nation

Giidaakunadaad - Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation

VIDEO 1:  Understanding Treaties (9:03)

VIDEO 1: Understanding Treaties (9:03)

Learning Goal - Indigenous civilizations, in what is now called Canada, developed Nation to Nations agreements long before European settlement

Main Ideas Presented:

  • You are wearing different shoes now
  • The deals that were made were not good deals
  • We are all Treaty people
  • Unceded land
  • Wampum
  • Responsibility
  • Dish With One Spoon
  • Yoh:ha:teni Guswenta

VIDEO 2:  The Beginning (3:26)

VIDEO 2: The Beginning (3:26)

Learning Goal - Indigenous civilisations were very much aware of the colonial intent and fought to maintain sovereignty.

Main Ideas Presented:

  • Doctrine of discovery
  • Jeffery Amherst
  • Obwandiyag

VIDEO 3:  The Royal Flush (9:25)

VIDEO 3: The Royal Flush (9:25)

Learning Goal - The Royal Proclamation has had a profound impact on Indigenous civilizations and continues to be a complex issue.

Main Ideas Presented:

  • Johnson and Amherst
  • Alcohol for land and fur
  • Royal proclamation
  • Indian territory
  • Ojibway ways of knowing
  • Niagara Treaty 1764 wampum

VIDEO 4: Legislated Land Theft (8:21)

VIDEO 4: Legislated Land Theft (8:21)

Learning Goal - Despite Indigenous Nations being key military contributors to what is now called Canada, legislation is created to dismantle Indigenous civilizations and take their lands.

Main Ideas Presented:

  • Obwandiyag
  • 1783 Gunshot Treaty
  • Chief Shingwauk
  • Defence against American Northern expansion
  • Ojibway in War of 1812
  • Indigenous military contributors
  • Great Western Confederacy
  • 1835 Colonial Drainage Laws
  • 1841 Province of Canada
  • Bagot Commission, industrial schools

VIDEO 5: Robinson Huron Treaty (5:33)

VIDEO 5: Robinson Huron Treaty (5:33)

Learning Goal - There are Indigenous people who hold knowledge that show Treaties to be misunderstood and misrepresented.

Main Ideas Presented:

  • War of 1812
  • Indigenous Land
  • Indigenous independence
  • Colonial pressure on Indigenous civilizations

VIDEO 6: Deceit and Deception (9:05)

VIDEO 6: Deceit and Deception (9:05)

Learning Goal - The numbered Treaties’ main articles are Health, Education and Shelter, which became the basis of many policies for assimilation of Indigenous Peoples.

Main Ideas Presented:

  • Numbered Treaties
  • Disease and starvation
  • Genesis of residential school
  • Colonial government efforts to assimilate indigenous peoples
  • Indigenous resilience

VIDEO 7: Williams Treaty (3:23)

VIDEO 7: Williams Treaty (3:23)

Learning Goal - Canada has had, and continues to have, numerous policies for the assimilation of Indigenous Peoples into colonial culture.

Main Ideas Presented:

  • Northern expansion despite no prior informed consent from Indigenous civilizations
  • Indian Title shifting definitions

VIDEO 8: The Future (10:58)

VIDEO 8: The Future (10:58)

Learning Goal - Traditional Knowledge Holders see numerous ways forward and offer some suggestions for further education concerning Truth and Reconciliation.

Main Ideas Presented:

  • Need for renewed respectful agreement
  • Call for further education
  • Build real relationships for all

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