Announcement of New Interim Co Chair

Dear Members,

Currently, I have accepted a 1-year secondment with the Ontario College of Teachers. This may reflect a perceived conflict of interest in continuing my position as Co-Chair.  For the interim, Colinda Clyne has been appointed by council to fulfill the duties of Co-Chair until I can resume the position.

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude towards both Colinda and our dedicated council who work tirelessly on behalf of our membership for FNMIEAO.

Yours in service,


One thought on “Announcement of New Interim Co Chair

  1. Congratulations Jodie on your secondment to the Ontario College of Teachers. Want to thank you for your help in setting up this past summer’s Institute in Sudbury; it was informative and hopefully there will be more in the future. Also, your efforts to get a reduction in the registration fee for the Gathering next month were appreciated. All the best with your new position.

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