Akikodjiwan: protecting sacred islands in Ottawa 


An important fight for Indigenous Land justice is underway in Ottawa. Douglas Cardinal, his team, and community members are leading the legal fight to prevent condo development on the sacred islands near parliament hill. The case will be heard in divisional court, 161 Elgin street in Ottawa on October 26, and is open to the public. Information can be found at the following website. http://www.akikodjiwan.ca

One thought on “Akikodjiwan: protecting sacred islands in Ottawa 

  1. Aanii, Bob Ryckman, maaba. So sad to hear about the recent events, concerning the city wanting to turn unceded territory into a condo. It hearkens back to Oka of 1989, when the Mayor of that city wanted sacred Mohawk land turned into a golf course. I don’t think the city of Ottawa and the Federal government want another black eye like the Oka crisis created. We just saw Anne at the Elder’s Gathering, plus the fire keeper was from there. She spoke so eloquently about Victoria Island being Algonquin territory, unceded. Maanoo, let it stay that way. The city can put up a condo development somewhere else, on Crown land. So disappointing when I heard about this, in light of the recent Algonquin Land Claim settlement. It’s a slap in the face. Miigwech.

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